Data Collection

Our devices enable instant data collection, allowing for seamless one-on-one and one-to-many communications. They also facilitate staff attendance tracking through the use of ID clocking.


We provide regular feedback on security-related issues through real-time, daily, weekly, or monthly security reports. Any significant developments are promptly communicated to continuously enhance your security services.

PC Monitoring and Communications

Security guards can be monitored and communicate through PC systems when stationed in a room. The devices are equipped with a panic SOS button for emergencies, enabling direct communication with the control room and the nearest rapid response team.

Custom Training

We offer tailored training programs to meet the specific requirements of individual clients. These trainings can be conducted through direct interaction or provided via user manuals.


With the Guard-Track systems, the need for direct visual supervision of security guards is reduced. Instead, supervision can be carried out more effectively by the control room.

Guard Track Mobile Application

Our utilization of the Guard Track mobile application leverages technology to drive organizational efficiencies. It replaces traditional manual and paper-based processes with real-time, paperless workflows. By harnessing cloud technology, we achieve cost savings and optimize processes. The mobile application maximizes the value derived from a single application by integrating with the native features of mobile devices.


Additionally, here are some other features and benefits of the Guard-Track systems: